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The RTC-200 is a compact interface to connect compatible Yaesu rotors to a computer. You can use all Yaesu rotors with 6-pin MiniDIN ‘Ext. Control’ connector, a suitable cable is included. The RTC-200 offers connections to two rotors at the same time, to support satellite antenna systems with azimuth and elevation motors. Towards the computer the interface is connected by USB, a cable is included.

The RTC-200 interface uses the Yaesu rotor control protocol, just like the GS-232A/GS-232B interface by Yaesu. This makes this interface compatible to nearly all rotor control programs on the market. The interface requires a supply voltage of 8 to 15 V DC, a cable is included.
For installation a driver must be downloaded from the manufacturers website. This download also includes a small rotor control application (Windows only). Download address http://www.cgantenna.be/rtc200/RTC200_client.zip   Contrary to the description in the english manual, the product no longer comes with a CD.
List of supported Yaesu Rotors


  • G-800DXA
  • G-1000DXA
  • G-2800DXA
  • G-5500
  • all other models with an ‘Ext. Control’ socket
What if my rotor does not have the ‘Ext., Control’ socket?
On the Ext. Control socket of a Yaesu rotor (except G-5500) there are simply the signals of the three buttons ‘left rotation’, ‘right rotation’ and (if available) ‘brake release’, as well as the analog signal ‘direction’ and of course ‘ground’. Such a socket could be retrofitted relatively easily to other rotors, even to those of another manufacturers.



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